Our Investment Portfolio Reporting service provides the record keeping for all your investments, including structured notes, pass throughs and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). You'll have concise and accurate monthly accruals for interest, amortization and accretion. A flexible general ledger interface option can be used to create entries for accruals, payments and transactions.

We do it for you

Investment reporting doesn't get easier than this. Once you're up and running, you just send us a copy of your confirmations as you buy and sell investments in your portfolio. We update your investment portfolio and generate your reports. Each month you receive income accruals and appraisals on your investments. You also receive other important information to help you prudently manage your investment portfolio.

Each client is assigned an experienced customer service representative who assists in reconciling your portfolio to the general ledger, ensures you understand each report, and helps answer your questions.

FinSer's service includes:

  • Flexible cut off dates
  • Quick turnaround
  • Proprietary software maintained and updated by our in-house team of programmers
  • As part of the conversion process, we research each of your investments and build an accurate, up-to-date database containing your investments

Key Features

  • Monthly Reporting
    • Entries for interest accruals and amortization/accretion
    • Principal and interest payment verification reports
    • Reports organized by investment type and ASC 320 (FASB 115) category
    • General ledger reconciliation reports
    • Portfolio Summary and Maturity Distribution reports
    • Cash flow and budget projection reports
    • Regulatory reporting for banks and credit unions
    • Fair market values
  • Quarterly Shock Test
    • -300 to +500 basis point shock
    • Summary reports show effect of rate changes on entire portfolio
    • Reports by investment type and individual security
    • Quarterly Interest Rate and Bond Market Recap (commentary)
  • Year-to-Date Reports
    • Quarterly recap of year-to-date purchases, sales, calls and maturities
    • Year to date amortization, accretion and interest accrued
    • Roll forward reporting (summary, investment type and security)
    • Contractual Maturity Schedule
    • Unrealized Gain/Loss Summary
  • Data Interfaces
    • Data file with over 175 fields per cusip
    • Optional General Ledger interface for accruals, payments, transactions