Today's financial climate requires many financial institutions to operate in certain markets that may be heavily influenced by events far from their local economy. With the increased complexity of operating in a global environment, an effective asset/liability management process is critical to long-term success.

Our Asset/Liability Management services give you the management controls you need without having to increase your staff.

We offer these services to clients on a highly individualized basis. The process starts by meeting with your key personnel so we can better understand your financial institution and its unique needs. Based on the detailed information, we use a dynamic, full simulation model that allows us to create accurate earnings forecasts under various interest rate environments. This way, you see the earnings exposure you can expect in any of the rate environments.

You receive a comprehensive report and a management summary analysis of your institution's position. This report goes beyond simple numbers, by providing you with an analysis of your institution's interest rate risk exposure as well as giving you recommendations on how your institution can improve its position.

Our approach is to limit the demands of time on your key personnel and, at the same time, provide your institution with ready access to the extensive asset/liability, investment, and banking background available from our staff.