portfolio managementAutomate the documentation required for public funds deposits - including safekeeping correspondence. With the automatic interface to your host system for accurate balance download, generation of the necessary documentation when pledging or releasing volumes, and the easy operation of the pledge and un-pledge process, you save time and effort managing your public funds clients. An important bonus for you and your public funds clients is the extensive audit information that is available at the click of a button.

Key Features

  • Fast and accurate balance download of current public funds client balances
  • Automatic calculation of required pledge balance including allowance for FDIC insurance
  • Simple and efficient pledge and un-pledge mechanism from and to your security inventory
  • Automatic generation of pledge and release documentation for client and safekeeper
  • Ability to setup and pledge Misc. Volumes such as Letters of Credit, Surety Bonds, etc.
  • Extensive reporting of client volumes and pledged balances (including back-dated statements)
  • Automatic interface with FinSer's In-house Portfolio Reporting system or Third-Party Service Bureau