The Economic Value of Equity (EVE) module available with IRR-Solutions® II calculates the current fair market value of the balance sheet, and allows you to analyze the net change in the market value in seven different rate shock scenarios. The accuracy of the valuation, and the resulting volatility of the capital (long-term balance sheet risk) at your institution, is based on the precision with the model's utilization of the host item detail.

Key Features

  • True present-value calculation using full cash flow detail for each application item
  • Setting assumptions at any level in your chart of accounts
  • Easily perform what-if analysis, with immediate results on screen
  • Automatic FAS107 reporting produced using the valuation results of the +/-0 rate environment
  • Integrated with FinSer's Investment Portfolio product for shock valuation of securities portfolio
  • Shared Index Rate and Prepayment assumptions with the Advance Income Shock module
  • Manual results may be entered or imported where outside sources provide the valuations for the account