Budgeting for the future is a key management function at your institution. With IRR-Solutions® II, budgeting is made easy and flexible. The module provides up to seven simultaneous budget simulations, which allow you to define unique rates in each projection period.

Simulations utilize the item detail from the host system to provide accurate runoff and calculate replacement volume for budget analysis. The model will calculate interest income and expense on details of existing items combined with your assumptions for pricing and prepayments for replacement volumes.

Simulation results can be saved to unique, static budget sets that can be used for variance analysis and comparison to current results throughout the budget year.

Key Features

  • Simulate projected index rates (for existing volumes) and reinvestment pricing (for new volumes) assumptions at various levels, including the ability to step rates over time.
  • Shared growth assumptions with the Advanced Income Shock module provide a consistent growth model of the institution and reduce data entry requirements.
  • Seven simulation models available for budget analysis.
  • Unlimited number of budget sets can be produced (both current and next year projections).