irr2Efficiently model and analyze your institution's overall interest rate risk (both long-term balance sheet risk and short-term income risk), with FinSer's IRR-Solutions® II software. This advanced, PC-based interest rate risk management system provides a fully integrated interface with various host systems, along with detailed modeling functionality. With the capability to model at the branch level, as well as the institution level, the software provides you with a powerful tool to project earnings and capital position based on your existing items and anticipated projection assumptions.

IRR-Solutions® II software utilizes robust modules, including:

Key Features

  • Comprehensive modeling for both Balance Sheet Risk and Income Risk
  • Display/Reporting structure based upon institution's General Ledger
  • Branch Assumptions and Reporting
  • Seamless data interface to your host system
  • Seven customizable shock scenarios
  • Interface for a variety of investment accounting systems, including FinSer Portfolio
  • Back testing capabilities
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Easy to navigate account structure through Windows® Explorer-type interface
  • Interface for CDARS® items
  • Ability to model non-application items
  • Customized training and support